6 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Needs to Know


To be a successful affiliate marketer, you not only need to work hard but also work smart. Your day-to-day activities have to be run efficiently and effectively for your efforts to pay dividends, and this can be done by investing in the right affiliate marketing tools.

The following are top affiliate marketing tools for every marketer:

Impact Radius

Impact Radius was featured in o Inc’s 2018 list of 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. Its affiliate marketing tool, Radius, provides you with universal access to affiliates and enables you to manage influencers, as well traditional affiliates on the same platform.

With this tool, you’ll be able to contract with affiliates and later on keep track of the traffic and conversions. Furthermore, you can credit your affiliates based on your own terms.


AvantLink is an essential affiliate marketing tool that assists you to access a network of experienced affiliates who are keen on referral marketing. The software also enables you to leverage a range of high-converting tools, in addition to robust real-time reporting.

This tool will make sure that you can expect the best results from your affiliate marketing efforts, whether you’re an experienced marketer or just starting out. The platform further allows you to use various third-party tools.

Affiliate Future

This affiliate network boasts at least 300k publishers. It allows you to identify and work with leading affiliates in the industry. You get to leverage their network of affiliates, ensuring that you significantly increase your brand’s reach and sales.

With this tool, you can analyze your affiliate’s performance and optimize your program to help you get better results. You’ll be able to determine commission levels and pay your affiliates according to their performance.


Known to be a content research tool, this platform allows marketers to find top influencers in the niche they are in. It enables you to filter any list of potential influencers based on their reach, influence, authority, and engagement.

BuzzSumo additionally lets you create outreach lists, as well as engage with important influencers. It places you in a position to work with the most ideal influencers in your affiliate campaigns.


This is one of the best all in one referral platforms available out there. It lets you identify influencers, employees, affiliates, and other advocates you may want to work with. You can enroll them to manage targeted and customized referral campaigns as you oversee all your affiliates in a single platform and follow up on their performance.

With Ambassador, it will be easy to optimize your referral program efficiently and enhance your brand’s awareness, reach, and sales.


This is a web-based pay-per-click affiliate tool used in analytics. It basically provides you with the ability to follow up on and monitor every detail of your PPC campaigns so that you can make the necessary adjustments for maximum profitability.

It fully automates all data you have in one place and seamlessly integrates with MSN AdCenter, Google AdWords, and many other affiliate networks. The best feature in this tool has to be keyword-level tracking that allows you to know the different keywords that are leading to conversions and making your campaign profitable.

Not everyone is cut out to be an affiliate marketer. If you’re hoping to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign, you need to put your best foot forward, especially when you consider the steep competition in the market.

The above tools will give you an edge over your competition and see that you achieve all your affiliate marketing goals.

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